“Been there done that” SIGNATURE TALK 90Min
How I went from a reactive lifestyle to operating from a position of power.

Kourtney’s signature talk “Been There Done That” is a story of how persevering through all of life’s events can reveal your purpose if you pay attention. Along the way, she discovered her innate abilities which gave her clarity, capacity to maximize opportunities and operate her life from a place of power, not reactivity and living in her purpose.

  • Understand this one thing about yourself so that you can find more fulfilling situations faster
  • Stop tapering who you are and feeling like a fraud, start living from your place of power.
  • Stop denying yourself while trying to create the life you want.
  • How understanding your needs will equip you to stay on track and get back on track faster.
  • Witness how identifying your personal power can free you to be who you truly are in every area of your life.


How to operate from a position of power 60Min
Learn this step-by-step strategy to consciously live a powerful life today

What I’ve discovered is: Living an “ok” life where you are stagnant and stuck in a reactive lifestyle is frustrating for the person who wants more. You seek to live a fulfilling life, but where you are now is not the life you desire to live. You wish you felt more in control and could begin to live out your purpose. The problem is there are a lot of things getting in your way of fulfilling your purpose and living from that position of power, and you don’t know how to get a handle on it.

  • Discover the reason why you aren’t where you want to be so that you can create a new decision to move on.
  • Learn what you are doing that is holding you back from living in your place of power.
  • Understand this fundamental principle to help you stay in your desired state to elevate your life.
  • Learn how to implement this powerful two-step process to walk in your position of power right away.

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Kourtney Coleman has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. She is a Taylor Protocols® Certified Practitioner (CCP), Intuitive Coach, Speaker, Author, CEO of Kourtney Coleman Inc.Her mission is to help women discover their innate abilities to create a sense of fulfillment and alignment in their businesses, career and personal life as they set out to achieve their purpose.

Her philosophy is “You were created to either be the solution to the problem or to create the solution. You just need to discover which one!”

Kourtney is here to equip & empower you, to understand your personal power so that you can maximize opportunities and give your best contribution authentically creating a fulfilled, successful and impactful career.

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Contact Kourtney at info@kourtneycoleman.com to hire her to speak at your organization.

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  • It gave me a clear representation that knowing and understanding one’s journey to the place one is currently at, makes it so much easier to plan for the next steps. ~ L. Johnson
  • It was great to hear your whole story, it was very encouraging. ~ April
  • Your story is instructive to many who are “confused” in their lives, and I know a few I’ll be strongly recommending listen to it. ~ Lorraine
  • Very informative ~ A. Watkins

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