Yes, I’m eclectic Kourtney with many gifts and talents.

Most likely you know me for ministry, mentoring, photography, coaching, speaking,
understanding your innate abilities, mindset, productivity, goals, journals, jewelry.

I am intuitive and most likely you are too. (and I love my crystals)

That’s why you are here!

It’s taken me a really long time to put a name to my gifts and find a space where I feel normal.

Welcome to the other side of me.

I know my gifts weren’t made for me to keep to myself. My gifts were made to serve others.

As of now I know these aren’t the main services of my business so to keep everything separated
and not confuse clients you will only find these services on this page.

Here you will find the links to my intuitive services just for you!



Intuitive Card Reading Sessions


Intuitive readings kourtney coleman35

What lead Kourtney to Oracle Cards


I use Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.
These are a compilation of 45 cards of Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Gods who help guide you at this point on your spiritual journey.

This is not for Yes or No questions.

Not for if you already know the answer but are scared. Do what you know you need to do!

You need to get really clear on why you are asking the question.

You may select:

1 Card Reading for Quick answers.
Ex: Which Keeper of the Light can I work with to…

2 Card Reading for quick guidance on a situation to compliment another therapy.
Ex: To gain a bit of insight into your current affairs or focus on a particular question.

3 Card Reading
Ex: What do I need to know in order to…
How can I be in a greater focus of…

Life Path- Spread – Created especially for use with the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards because it’s filled with Masters offering deep wisdom to increase your spiritual connection or guide you on your path.


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