Details and Requirements:

The event is scheduled to launch May 24th through May 27, 2018

The end date may change due to the number of guest speakers and interviews.

The promotional window is March 1st to May 24th.

You should have a list size of at least 1,500 people plus a strong social media following. However, if you do not have the desired list size, you can still submit your speaker application for consideration.

You have the option to submit a free, downloadable gift. This is not required but highly recommended to provide greater value to the audience as well as for you to grow your own list. Your free gift should be matching your talking topic and have its own dedicated landing page.

You must be willing to promote the event by sending at least 3 solo emails, include a blurb in your newsletter and promote via social media. Remember, the more we all promote, the more will attend the event, the more people you get to add to your own list. It’s a win-win situation.

The videos are interview based and last approximately 30-45 minutes. We will use Zoom to pre-record the interviews. You must be available between January 21 – March 4, 2018 on Sundays to record your interview.

There will be NO SELLING during the interview. I will give you time to share how people can find and connect with you. I will prompt you to mention your gift but there will be no selling allowed during the interview. If your application is all about your product or service I can’t have you in the summit. This is not an opportunity to make the interview about you or your product. I will give you the opportunity for people to sign up to your list.


The purpose of the summit is to discuss the topics that are present but are not getting a voice in the lives of these women. These interviews are meant to provide great value to the audience. Coach them through something, lead them into how to handle something, teach them how to do something, explain why to do or not to do something.

Examples are:
Why you have found that women have trouble with or doing … and what to do about it
What’s going on or happening in your industry to women that is not being talked about.
How to deal with … that’s going on the right or wrong way. How to fix it or get out.
What women should avoid when…
The hardest part about being a leader that’s not being talked about.
Tips and tricks in the industry that are hush hush.
How to process… when … doesn’t work
What they aren’t talking about in the boardroom that’s tied to your success.
Sex after 30 and what’s different, why.
How the stress is affecting your body and mind that you didn’t know and what to do about it.
Why aren’t people talking about… and what’s the problem with it?

So I’ve personally sought out women to speak on the following topics:
What you need to know about end of life care
Why you can’t let go in the bedroom
How to deal with the loss of a child
How to find money for you and your children’s education
How to build your personal career network and why it’s important

You can make offers once they are on your own list.

As a special thank you, all guest speakers will be offered an opportunity for a spotlight on my podcast “The Impact Zonein my Impact Makers Segment.

Each speaker will receive their interview both in audio and video format after the Summit has ended.

Please complete this short application below for consideration. Once you have submitted the application we will look at your responses and if we find you and your topic are a great fit, we will reach out to you to schedule your interview.

I am looking forward to having you participate in The I Am Her Empowerment and Impact Summit for Career Woman.