I love the sunrises! I get up, walk the beach and do some deep breathing and meditating, or swing in the hammock all alone on the beach! This was 2017!


I’m so happy you are ready to plan your time away and disconnected from the hustle and bustle.

We are happy to share with you our Vacation Club to get a discount on a great vacation location!

By booking and getting your discounted rate of 25%,
you will need to attend the presentation
for them to share the opportunity and information with you.
Basically, you are purchasing to get a discount.
(For your stay we just may get a free day)

I hear ya! Vacation in a beautiful place and a discount! Well, what do you do?



  • Select the resort you want to book.
  • Check your dates.
  • Call the number 1-888-980-9079 and give our contact number of  SNX-000003, Kerry and Kourtney Coleman for your discount.
  • Join the Facebook Group 
  • Countdown to your vacation (yes, there is an app for that)
  • Pack appropriately
  • Enjoy every moment and experience of your vacation by totally unplugging
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Listen to the presentation and enjoy the tour. (YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE)
  • Return home safely



Click here for pictures and videos from our Secrets Cap Cana, Dominican Republic Vacation
Yes, it’s real!


Here is the link to the Private Secrets Cap Cana Facebook Group where we hang out and celebrate counting down to our vacation. Then cry when we have to leave. Everyone is very helpful in the group. I’ll be doing some videos and you can find my posts by searching for my name there. I already have some video inside the group.


This is the phone number you will use to book your vacation 1-888-980-9079 and our contact number of SNX-000003, Kerry and Kourtney Coleman and you will need to use our code to get the discount.


I’ll be sharing information about the resort and traveling.

For now!

Tipping is not mandatory or required.
Converting to Dominican Pesos

But who wouldn’t love a tip?
What does your tip equate to? I am providing these links because it’s good to know how your tip impacts someone’s life!


If you have any questions please fill free to contact us or ask in the Facebook group.

As we love to say and hear in the Dominican.
“No worries, it’s my pleasure!”