Starting Over in your business could look like this!


Starting over sucks! It sucks when you have to do it in your business, anywhere really. That’s how we feel right?

I remember hearing or seeing a tabloid about how when Prince Harry gets married for the first time, this will not be Meghan Markle’s first wedding. I remember thinking,  “SO WHAT! It didn’t work the first time. At least she was able to pick herself up and was open, vulnerable and willing to love again for the opportunity. Look where it landed her”!

So I say this to you as an entrepreneur whose first business failed, or didn’t do as well as you would have liked it to.

What if…
This royal wedding of
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
is what starting over in your business could look like for you?
harry and meagan royal wedding 2018.PNG


This is what you need to do:
• Stop beating up yourself up for it not working the first time.
• Get over people talking because they always will. When you succeed, they will still be talking, they will still be in the same place you left them on your first attempt.
• Move past people not supporting you, there are new people to support 10x more than the last time.

So that you can: 
• See what part you played, and how to make sure you learn from it.
• Be open to a new opportunity that will require things to be done a different way.
• Make a new commitment to do better, get a new support system, and never quit!

Kourtney Coleman compares Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Wedding to starting over in your business

Stay committed to your purpose!
Your passion will change
but your purpose was the very thing you were created to do!


You weren’t created for a purpose and not equipped to fulfill it! I always say you were created to be the solution or create the solution to a problem. It’s up to you to discover what that is! Discover how you were created to function. Build your business with ease and be authentic while doing it.


You will never know if your story could end up like this if you quit. The one thing I’ve learned. The women that want to work with me are more committed to their purpose than an attempt to fulfill it.


Kourtney Coleman Inc bookcaseSTARTING OVER SUCKS, I help career women who feel this way about starting their business over, become confident in who they are so they can create an authentic & successful business. I’m Kourtney Coleman and I used to feel that way too. I want you to know it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve been there, more than once. I’m here, bolder, better, and bigger than all of those times before and I want the same for you.

If you are tired of feeling this way I want to invite you to Apply for a Clarity of Purpose Call. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

meghan markle and harry car exit 2018

I am not the original source of these photos. I wish I was there!
They are all over the internet!


DO’S AND DONT’S Concerning Personality Assessments


Assessments really are beneficial when you want to be intentional about what you do in and with your life.

Assessments give you information that you can apply in your relationships, careers, business and for your personal growth. If you want to be equipped to be on the offensive end of events instead of defense. Assessments would be a tool you could utilize to help you do just that. With the results from assessments, we are able to take the information and strategize how to utilize the information in your life starting NOW.


Here are some quick DO’S AND DONT’S concerning Personality Assessments

Things you DON’T want to do concerning assessments.

  1. Taking an assessment puts you in a box! Knowing your personality gives you the power to create and do what you may not have ever discovered.
  2. Put all of your eggs in one basket. Some personality tests are based on your current situations and emotional growth, while there are those that are based on your core values.
  3. Think you can’t use assessments to help you grow in your relationships and career.
  4. Think that just because you learn what your personality is, means you tell people. “This is just the way that I am and I’m not going to change, accept me for how I am!”
  5. Think you will get results that benefit you if you lie on the answers for the assessment.

Things you DO want to do concerning assessments.

  1. Discover what your personality type is. If you want to learn how to maximize your life intentionally, this is a great place to start.
  2. Take a variety of assessments to see your whole self, not just one view! After all you are created in a magnificent & complicated way!
  3. Take your findings from the assessments as gems to help you grow in your relationships and with your career.
  4. Understand the pros and cons of your personality to be able to change and grow yourself to empower yourself for better relationships!
  5. You need to be honest and vulnerable with yourself to get the best answers to plan and strategize with. If you lie, you will only be hurting yourself! The best way to help yourself is to answer quickly and honestly.

If you would like to know more, email me what you think you would like to learn at info@kourtneycoleman.com

Why I love my CVI Assessment



I remember how I didn’t know how I could do this one thing I couldn’t name.

It was an overwhelming feeling of information trying to burst out of me all at once without a warning. It was uncontrollable; it came when it wanted to, and I didn’t know what I did to make it happen to reproduce it. How in the world could I not have control of something so powerful to use it on a consistent basis and make a living from it.

Sounds like a lot of questions and mystery right? Utterly frustrating, for me. I just knew that when I connected with certain people sometimes. I would get what I would call a download. So I would warn people. “If I ever say to you get a pen and pad and start writing”! I would get so frustrated because I didn’t know what it was, why it happened, or how to turn it on! Why shouldn’t I have the ability to turn this on on-demand? I thought there is no way I can use this; it’s unreliable.

That was so frustrating to me,
until the day I took my CVI Assessment.

The CVI assessment results provided so much clarity and information for me about myself. It showed me what my natural Innate Core Values were, and everything started making sense. Once I understood that those values didn’t change, it was solid information I could build upon.

The results showed me:
• How I was created to function in the world.
• Why I think the way I think.
• What my contribution was to the world, I began to position myself in better environments and situations.
• I could even avoid from afar situations that were not conducive to who I was and how I operated.
• Knowing what sets me off. (good to know so I can avoid those situations)
• It’s helped me enrich my family relationships and my marriage.
• Professionally it helped me know what I would excel in doing.

Assessments don’t put you in a box; they free you because information is knowledge. Knowledge gives you the power to make decisions consciously that will change your world; my world is forever changed. If you would like to discover your Innate Core Values contact Kourtney at info@kourtneycoleman.com.


The call to build from the inside-out


How do you build something and not even know you are doing it?

From where I stand today, I can look back over my life and see just how I built my life around one common thread and didn’t realize it. I have contributed many ways in my life, but each way had at the root of them the same core desire that I was trying to fulfill subconsciously.  I have had three different MLM businesses, I was a professional photographer, a graphic designer, I had a publishing company, author, mentored women and young ladies for years, speaker and I am a strategist!

No matter what I was doing, I always wanted to get to the core of the woman who was working with me! This was my thread that after time wove with other threads of the same kind to create my chord that I was building my life around. However, I had the extra products to establish a relationship with someone.

My inner focus was empowering the woman
and helping her to make intentional,
conscious decisions to increase her life!

I always wanted her to see what was on the inside of her and the potential locked up on the inside waiting to be free. She was beautifully created and everything God needed her to be from the inside out, but didn’t know it or didn’t know what do with it. I longed for these women to see how magnificently they were created with purpose and to act on the opportunities to contribute to the world her gifts.

I believed she could build the life
she always wanted to build.

I remember the time when I was fed up with trying to establish a relationship between the external products and services.

I just wanted to help the women;
I just needed to build a business using me
because I was good enough!

That is why today I am a strategist that helps women discover their Innate Core Values™ which reveals to them how they were created to show up in the world and what they were made to contribute and share with us! Watching a woman blossom into the very person she was created to be and function as she was made to warms my soul. I love equipping women and strategizing how to use this information for her to maximize every opportunity she comes across to live a fulfilling life is amazing. She too understands the overflow of emotions I feel for her when she experiences data equipping her to be prepared for the time when purpose meets opportunity creating fulfillment. So every time I work with a woman I am fulfilling my purpose!

If you want to learn how to increase your performance to stop getting passed over and maximize your impact, please email Kourtney at info@kourtneycoleman.com.
You too, have threads that you are building your life around. If you feel drawn to a higher place of contribution, pushed to a new level of action to create a more fulfilling life; then I would love to talk to you.

I love that I have found my “place” (purpose in action)! I’m confident in my business because, my business that matches who I am, how I desire to operate, what I believe in and tools that are solid to build upon. I don’t compromise and don’t have to; I am finally at peace, and I LOVE IT. It’s allowing me to function with ease and confidence making my contribution to the world. I’m glad I could identify the desire inside of me screaming to get out. Recognize that there was more for me to do and willing to put the work in to fulfill it! It’s a great feeling everyone should experience.

Leave a comment for me below. If you look back over your life what one common thing would you discover? How could you take that and use that in your life today?

Immediate action creating results


Well, my husband has been trying to get me to play golf for YEARS! Did you hear me, years! I had no interest, even though he purchased me clubs over 10 years ago. However, the last few months we have spent every Saturday morning as our date morning at the golf range. Let me tell you, I loved hitting that ball it from the first day!


Last week I was on Periscope watching a broadcast and I saw a username come up that I thought was interesting. (Mind you I could pronounce the name and knew immediately what this person was about.) The username was #BlackGirlsGolf. You can see her scopes here: https://www.periscope.tv/BlackGirlsGolf. I was so intrigued I checked out the profile and saw she had a scope that was still live for replay.

I watched the scope and was so excited by the content I checked out the website http://www.BlackGirlsGolf.net and tweeted her @BlackGirlsGolf.
Black Girls Golf was founded in 2011 by Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald. Tiffany has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine and sports and business radio sharing her experience as a golfer and helping other women experience the rewards of golfing. Black Girls Golf has a free membership! My only thing was I was sad she was all the way in Georgia. I nervous about asking if she knew of anywhere here in Orlando where there were more black female golfers. I didn’t want to be pushy and say you should have one down here!

“Black Girls Golf hosts hands-on golf instruction, ladies only golf outings, and networking events in a fun and supportive atmosphere.” I plan on being there!

Now I know there are other women like me who play golf or want to learn to play, I’m totally excited! I need some adult business women to converse with and make friends so I am over the top excited.

When was the last time
you took immediate action?

Now I’m happy to say we’ve been discussing bringing a Black Girls Golf chapter here to Orlando!

Guess who is going to be the Ambassador for the Orlando chapter of Black Girls Golf? ME
I am so excited for what is to come. I’ll be posting my journey as well as the chapter’s activities so stay tuned!

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]I am totally excited to have a #BlackGirlsGolf to Orlando. Let me know when we are ready![/tweetthis]

Connect with me @KourtneyCMentor on Twitter and let me know you would be interested in joining the Orlando Chapter.