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It jumped right out at me, I was so glad I watched this video.
Marne Levine, Instagram’s COO on How To Find Your Voice – And Own It

You always hear me speak about your Innate Core Values and Abilities!
When I saw this video, I believe I spotted Marne’s right away when she started describing herself and how she performed.
According to Taylor Protocol’s we all have our preferred way of giving our contribution to the world. It’s what we do by default and on autopilot.

Marne knows that her Personal Power is an executor by nature, she get’s stuff done quickly. While also noting she needed to slow down and focus more on the upfront work before taking action. This is the classic description of what we call the Builder’s Contribution. They just need to know what needs to be done and they take off to go and do it!

marne levine-kourtney colemanWhat was great for Marne, was that she had leaders who spotted this, were able to help her see where there was room for improvement and supported her. With Marne’s personal power, she will always be happy in a position where she could take action and make things happen. If you put her in a job where she did not have the power to take action and make things happen, she would be miserable. Marne would end up hating her job. She would start to hate going to work. She would spend a lot of time thinking about what she would be doing outside of work instead of being focused and engaged. Does this sound familiar? Maybe not for you but for someone you know.

For this very reason, it’s important to know your Personal Power before applying for a job or going in for an interview. I would like you to consider that not being motivated to go to work or at work can be tied to not working in your Personal Power. Feeling like the most powerful piece of who you are, the very essence of you, your reason for existing isn’t allowed to operate or express itself is not a way to live. The feeling that what you have to offer isn’t valued or utilized on a daily basis can become a significant challenge when you spend the majority of your days there. You will begin to feel unfulfilled and frustrated, and nobody wants that or to feel that way! When you understand your Personal Power, you can identify situations that are the right opportunities for you that will allow you to shine at what you do naturally.

Well, how do you discover this Innate Ability of yours, your Personal Power? It’s simple; you just take the Core Values Index Assessment ™ (CVI Assessment™ ) by Taylor Protocols. It will measure your innate abilities in a 10-minute assessment. There is a short video that you will want to watch from your computer before taking the assessment. The CVI has a 97.7% retest rate (Per retesting as of Oct. 2017) to measure your innate abilities.

Click the link to take the assessment and get your complimentary partial report as well as connect with me on a Discovery Celebration Call that I hold twice a month!
On this call, I want to celebrate with you what you discover about your Personal Power.
I can’t wait to hear what you discovered!

Until Next time,
Stay true to the real you!
Kourtney Coleman
As a certified Taylor Protocols Practitioner, I help career women bring their Personal Power into the workplace in an authentic way.

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How to become a good listener



Becoming a good listener has it’s own challenges. Add a person with the Builder Core Value™ and voila a bigger challenge!

Builders were created “to do”,
so they spend less time listening.

Once they have heard enough information to assess what needs to be done. They are ready to go and get the job DONE. They don’t like to rehash the problem repeatedly because it’s a waste of time in their opinion. According to the Builder, they could have had it fixed already, and everyone else is still chit-chatting.
Having this Core Value™ presents a bigger challenge as the listener because they have practically left the conversation mentally when they arrive at a solution. Now they are dealing with controlling themselves to sit and listen while the story goes on.

IT’S OKAY Builder! You can learn to calm the desire to solve the problem immediately; it will just take practice. You can start with these suggested things in this article. The No. 1 Communication Problem for Managers by Beth Miller. I’ve actually used some of these before and they are very helpful tips to make you a better listener.

Remember you were created to solve problems, so you have to resist the urge more than any other Core Values to escape the conversation. Here is my one way not mentioned in the article for Builder Core Values Person.

Understanding that you have the Builder Core Value™; You can be proactive in telling people when to invite you into the process to eliminate the frustration for you! The scenario would go something like this:
“Jane, we want to brainstorm about … possible solutions for … and wanted you to come.” Jane, the Builder, can respond, “Thanks for including me in the process, I appreciate it. I can be of a better use to you if you settle on 2 or 3 ideas and decide the outcome you want and I can get it done for you.” This scenario saved Jane, the Builder from the pain of sitting in a brainstorming situation that is more suited for an Innovator Core Value™. Plus allows her to work in her strength of getting things done! BUILDING TEAMWORK!
If you would like support on how you can use your Core Values Nature™ to help you stop getting passed over for
promotion, increase your income, or your impact contact Kourtney Coleman. You can sign Up by emailing me at info@kourtneycoleman.com.

Comment below what tips and tricks you use to help you listen better?

Top 10 Best Excuses to avoid assessments


Top 10 Best Excuses Used to Avoid Assessments

As people we sometimes make excuses and those excuses keep us on the same treadmill of unhappiness. Yet, the excuses keep coming leading you to run into the invisible walls hindering you from going beyond the excuses that built them. People have many different views about assessments. Most likely because they have not sought help to utilize the information they obtained to apply to their everyday lives. The majority of the reasons are fear based to boot! Here are the TOP 10 Best excuses used to avoid assessments.

Top 10 Best Excuses
Used to avoid taking an Assessment

  1. They don’t work
  2. I don’t think it’s me
  3. It won’t tell me anything I don’t know
  4. I don’t understand it
  5. I don’t know how to apply it
  6. I’m not applying for a job
  7. It won’t help me
  8. It’s useless
  9. The tests don’t make any sense
  10. No test can tell me who I am

I won’t let some test or anybody put me into a box.

I would love for you to tweet me @KourtneyCMentor your excuse you have used in the past.
You see excuses are just lies that you tell yourself. If you want to maximize opportunities you will never be able to do that, being a person who makes and lives by excuses. When you become a person who wants to have more, do more and be more, you find a way to make it happen; not give excuses why it hasn’t happened.

Think about the time you accomplished something and could look back and say, “Wow, I can’t believe I told myself I couldn’t, wouldn’t or can’t” Wow, aren’t you glad you got out of your own way. Imagine the possibilities that can open up for you when you take an assessment and get the coaching to go with it to understand and apply your results to your everyday life. When you are ready to get off of the treadmill that takes you nowhere fast. Email me at info@kourtneycoleman.com to sign up to receive the Life before and after assessments to get your copy of the 7 Best Ways for you to use your assessment results. There is even a surprise for you the next day!

DO’S AND DONT’S Concerning Personality Assessments


Assessments really are beneficial when you want to be intentional about what you do in and with your life.

Assessments give you information that you can apply in your relationships, careers, business and for your personal growth. If you want to be equipped to be on the offensive end of events instead of defense. Assessments would be a tool you could utilize to help you do just that. With the results from assessments, we are able to take the information and strategize how to utilize the information in your life starting NOW.


Here are some quick DO’S AND DONT’S concerning Personality Assessments

Things you DON’T want to do concerning assessments.

  1. Taking an assessment puts you in a box! Knowing your personality gives you the power to create and do what you may not have ever discovered.
  2. Put all of your eggs in one basket. Some personality tests are based on your current situations and emotional growth, while there are those that are based on your core values.
  3. Think you can’t use assessments to help you grow in your relationships and career.
  4. Think that just because you learn what your personality is, means you tell people. “This is just the way that I am and I’m not going to change, accept me for how I am!”
  5. Think you will get results that benefit you if you lie on the answers for the assessment.

Things you DO want to do concerning assessments.

  1. Discover what your personality type is. If you want to learn how to maximize your life intentionally, this is a great place to start.
  2. Take a variety of assessments to see your whole self, not just one view! After all you are created in a magnificent & complicated way!
  3. Take your findings from the assessments as gems to help you grow in your relationships and with your career.
  4. Understand the pros and cons of your personality to be able to change and grow yourself to empower yourself for better relationships!
  5. You need to be honest and vulnerable with yourself to get the best answers to plan and strategize with. If you lie, you will only be hurting yourself! The best way to help yourself is to answer quickly and honestly.

If you would like to know more, email me what you think you would like to learn at info@kourtneycoleman.com