So you are in a tizzy about branding your service-based business

Kourtney Coleman modeling simple branding techniques for entrepreneurs.

Kourtney Coleman modeling simple branding techniques for entrepreneurs.


So you are in a tizzy about branding your service-based business, but you don’t know this one HUGE thing!


In my opinion, it’s not a good investment to pay for branding your business if


When you have finished branding, and time goes on.
Trapped by your past decision to brand too early.

Here is a secret!
The fancy website, fonts, photoshoot, brand board will not make you money or guarantee clients.
 It’s a creative distraction, creative way of procrastinating, and self-sabotage.

You thought that you needed those things for your business.

You invested the money to brand, yet in 2-6 months, you’ve moved on to another dream, vision, mission, and your business has a different feel!

NOW YOU THINK IT’S A WASTE to switch to what you want to do now because you already paid for “branding.”




I say, as an entrepreneur, you will participate in self-development in one of two ways.
One forced to learn lessons because you let your ego run your business, and good ole fashion paying your dues. OR
Two, intentionally learn from voluntarily doing self-development and getting paid support.

Identifying what makes you, YOU so that you can create an authentic business that naturally stands out.
Preventing you from feeling like a fake with the branding that doesn’t match where you are anymore, your services or identity.

You need to understand who you are, your strengths, Core Values, mindset and drivers to align your decisions and the vision of your company, so there is no internal conflict and limit sabotage.

Gain the ability to create strategies that are authentic to you to prevent sabotaging your business by trying to build someone else’s business as your own.

If you aren’t confident in who you are you still won’t promote your business or pursue new business, you will passively wait for people to approach you!


I’ve had conversations with people. They said they heard the voice in the back of their mind but ignored it and decided to brand their business despite the warning. They all wished that they have waited instead.

I’ve heard very successful people who use the hand full of images and just a landing page.

Without self-development, you will be back at square 1!

#StartingOverSucks when you have put money into what you thought would keep forever, but it was fleeting. You need time to increase your confidence in yourself, your abilities and work on your mindset so you can brand adequately.

There are other ways to invest in your business until you have been in business for years after a few changes.
Don’t let branding be one of your investments within the first few years.


kourtney coleman branding brand consistency.png


Here are some tips separate from the priority of Self-Development:

• Do Not buy a logo!
• Take photos in a few outfits that you like with a solid top.
• Wear those clothes on your live streams.
• Only get a professional headshot USE IT! Check out JC Penny or somewhere that has a nominal fee.
• Have someone take photos of you while outside.
• By yourself – use a tripod or monopod.
• Use a self-timer or remote.
• Use apps on your phone with the same colors to create images.
• Use the same colors and fonts from your computer on all of your documents.


kourtney coleman brand consistency.png


Branding doesn’t make you money.
Getting the clients on your schedule does.

Make sure your tizzy about needing branding isn’t a creative way of not being the CEO of your business because you’re sabotaging yourself.
Take your #ConfidenceOnTheRise by learning who you are first!


I’m Kourtney Coleman and I teach you to pivot with confidence in your business because #StartingOverSucks. I help women like you who feel this way become confident in who you are so you can create an authentic & successful business. I know all about starting over and it’s the perfect place to pivot and step up to your new level.

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This is why having confidence in who you are is important to your business and what it has to do with #branding!

Kourtney Coleman teaches Why having confidence in who you are is important to your business & branding



This is why having confidence in who you are is important to your business and what it has to do with #branding!

How clarity on who you are builds confidence in you and makes a consistent brand.

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Posted by Kourtney Coleman Inc. on Saturday, May 26, 2018

I shared a behind the scenes on Facebook about “This is why having confidence in who you are is important to your business and what it has to do with #branding!”

I talked about how for 14 years my business life has been about: Being true to you, making an impact, and building a successful business. My product and services have changed, but my purpose has remained the same.

Did I always know what my purpose looked like? Absolutely not! I did listen to the call that was coming from the depths of my soul and took action.

I share with you how my one brand story was finally created and how it has pivoted. However, you still see a consistency in my brand because I’m listening from within!

In the video, I take you on my journey of my ideal client for building my brand story from just the career woman who doesn’t like her job because she feels underpaid, undervalued, overworked, and not feeling respected. She wants more freedom, recognition, and more money. She knows her job isn’t aiding her in creating her impact, things won’t change at the J.O.B. and she knows she has to take matters into her own hands. Then I shared with you how I pivoted twice.

It’s not always about starting over in your business.

Stop thinking “starting over sucks”

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Not spoken about in the video, here are some additional things.

Doing my own self-development, accountability and paying attention I discovered I work with these women’s heart, soul, body, and mind. I could no longer ignore those other parts. I had to allow more of myself in my business. Why you ask because I felt like I was being held back and restricted in my business with how I served clients. Continuing to give more of myself allowed me to be more authentic. So I stopped denying my woo side (that was giving me the stare) and incorporated it into my business. I can’t tell you what a relief that was. Now everyone gets my #DataWoo, and I don’t have to hold anything back or feel awkward in my own business.

I was writing one night and looked at what everyone was saying and tada they were speaking about the confidence I had the confidence they wanted that. DING DING The tangible thing appears.


Confidence never crossed my mind because I overlooked that these women could have a confidence issue. You see, these women were already confident, but they wanted more. Just because we are confident in one area of our lives doesn’t mean that we are confident in every are. There were signs all around me, but now I read and follow the signs.

It was showing up because they weren’t solid in their decision making and they commented on how I was in mine. These ladies were commenting on how I had such conviction in who I was, yet they remained silent about themselves. They liked the fact that I wasn’t swayed by what others wanted, and focused on what was right for me. How I even showed up and owned my missteps, prices, services and they wished they had them.

Your business is about you! In order to fulfill your purpose, you have to know who you are and how you were created. You know my belief! “You were created to be a solution or to create a solution to a problem, it’s up to you to discover what that is, and that you were given tools to do so.”

If you are ready to stop thinking that #StartingOverSucks
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Our Neighborhood, The Army Brat’s perspective.


I saw a post by one of my friend’s who is also a Military Brat and the things we’ve missed growing up.

I can understand feeling cheated out of living in the same neighborhood forever. Having the same people with you from elementary through high school.  The feeling of safety, stability, dependability of a tribe and foundation is packed well into that. Having that history is a treasure. (Traditionally)

We Army Brats have something too that binds us together. We may not always be the same identical person the entire time. BUT we cross paths multiple times in life. We honor each other for this journey we have endured and that just creates an understanding into a part of who we all are.

This is what we do have!

We identify with having to “Make it no matter what!

We understand what packing for a deployment looks like.

We know how to hug someone for dear life and scream in our heart, “don’t leave me, I’m sorry, I love you” and they still have to leave.

We understand the roller coaster of emotions from parents being deployed.

The taking parents for granted and then wishing, hoping and praying for their return to be flooded with gratitude and relief when they return.

We know what it’s like to live a life you have no control over and still be sane in the brain.

We know how to come together and support others.

When I see a movie of a homecoming I instantly get flashbacks and flooded with emotions and most of the time leave the room.

We know the smell of shoe polish, and what a good spit shine looks like. – Taking pride in your appearance.

We know how proud it feels to see our parents in a Class A uniform.

We can instantly bond knowing where we were in the morning when the To Reveille the Bugle Call plays & our location in the evening as it blows the Retreat to shut the base down! I hear the song in a movie or video and instantly but subconsciously pay attention.

We know how to treasure relationships because we don’t know how long they will last.

We know the sound of kids playing on the playground behind overseas housing.

We’ve experienced carrying laundry and groceries up flights of stairs and developed methods to do so.

We know to bend down when living in temporary housing overseas.

We have traveled more than most people will ever travel in their life.

Our Army is our neighborhood and we had the opportunity of a traveling hood! Even when you meet someone and they say they are a military brat, they are instantly cool and you know you have someone you can identify with!

We were chosen to experience more of the world in a different way! We are and will always be proud military brats! To this day I still ask or search for people whom we spent time together.

For all of you whom I have crossed paths with I thank you for being in my life because you became part of my story.

One of the reasons why I am as strong and resilient and versatile is because I’m an #ArmyBrat and to that I say Hooah!

kourtneybroadnax homecoming1

Happy Memorial Day to all of the active and retired Armed Forces Members and Families!

If you are a career woman who is an entrepreneur and you are looking for a place to be around like-minded women who are building with intention. I invite you to join me in my community, Women Building with Intention. CLICK THE LINK here to apply to join!

Starting Over in your business could look like this!


Starting over sucks! It sucks when you have to do it in your business, anywhere really. That’s how we feel right?

I remember hearing or seeing a tabloid about how when Prince Harry gets married for the first time, this will not be Meghan Markle’s first wedding. I remember thinking,  “SO WHAT! It didn’t work the first time. At least she was able to pick herself up and was open, vulnerable and willing to love again for the opportunity. Look where it landed her”!

So I say this to you as an entrepreneur whose first business failed, or didn’t do as well as you would have liked it to.

What if…
This royal wedding of
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
is what starting over in your business could look like for you?
harry and meagan royal wedding 2018.PNG


This is what you need to do:
• Stop beating up yourself up for it not working the first time.
• Get over people talking because they always will. When you succeed, they will still be talking, they will still be in the same place you left them on your first attempt.
• Move past people not supporting you, there are new people to support 10x more than the last time.

So that you can: 
• See what part you played, and how to make sure you learn from it.
• Be open to a new opportunity that will require things to be done a different way.
• Make a new commitment to do better, get a new support system, and never quit!

Kourtney Coleman compares Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Wedding to starting over in your business

Stay committed to your purpose!
Your passion will change
but your purpose was the very thing you were created to do!


You weren’t created for a purpose and not equipped to fulfill it! I always say you were created to be the solution or create the solution to a problem. It’s up to you to discover what that is! Discover how you were created to function. Build your business with ease and be authentic while doing it.


You will never know if your story could end up like this if you quit. The one thing I’ve learned. The women that want to work with me are more committed to their purpose than an attempt to fulfill it.


Kourtney Coleman Inc bookcaseSTARTING OVER SUCKS, I help career women who feel this way about starting their business over, become confident in who they are so they can create an authentic & successful business. I’m Kourtney Coleman and I used to feel that way too. I want you to know it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve been there, more than once. I’m here, bolder, better, and bigger than all of those times before and I want the same for you.

If you are tired of feeling this way I want to invite you to Apply for a Clarity of Purpose Call. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

meghan markle and harry car exit 2018

I am not the original source of these photos. I wish I was there!
They are all over the internet!