You don’t know if you can keep working for someone else for the rest of your life. You work harder in their business than they do. Heck, the business runs because of you! You are at the office and put in more hours than your boss does. You feel so stuck in your soul-crushing, creativity-killing, no life having 9-5 for what feels like forever.

You hear promises of promotion with no follow through. You always hear there is no room for a raise. You’ve invested more time and effort than you ever thought possible, and still can’t catch a break because of your boss still piling on the mind-numbing work, never says thank you, and expects you to stay after hours or be on standby every single weekend.

If you’ve ever dreamt of re-inventing everything to start a freedom-based business, create your own income and make an impact, then you’re in the right place.

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Whether you’re an overworked career woman, someone who’s dabbling with a side hustle (but can’t catch a lucky break), or a woman who’s always dreamt of breaking free of the corporate world to start her own empire, I’ve got the golden-key to your success.

I’m Kourtney Coleman and I’m an Intuitive Business Coach.
I help women just like you!

I help career women like you to transition into successful entrepreneurs

by creating an online or small business that’s authentic to you.



I’ve spent years honing my craft and I’ve got…

Kourtney Coleman Inc bookcase

  • Over 24 years of advertising and graphic design experience.
  • Over 14 years of experience being an entrepreneur.
  • Over 10 years being in ministry, a mentor and speaking experience.
  • I’m a Certified Taylor Protocols Practitioner
  • I’m a Reiki Level II Practitioner
  • Founder of the Women Building With Intention™ Community
  • I’ve Self-Published Three journals
    • My Daughter, there are some things you should know.® A living legacy from mother to daughter.
    • Remember the Joy® – A journal for married and engaged couples
    • The Hotel Why® Project Planner – A powerful combination of visualization with the written word to manifest your desires.
    • Host of The Impact Zone Podcast
    • Host of The I Am Her Empowerment and Impact Summit for Career Women

The Hotel Why® Project Planner by KOURTNEY COLEMAN

What I found is that when women hit that glass ceiling or keep running into that invisible wall. They venture out and “start” a business. However, they only end up with an expensive hobby and a failed business. See what they thought was that they could just “start” a business and they would get what they were searching for from their careers.

  • They’ve tried multiple people’s person’s way that just didn’t work for them.
  • Downloaded freebie after freebie to implement and it never worked because they only had pieces so they became confused and frustrated.
  • They tried to do it all by themselves (because they are smart) and learn from a distance, going to multiple events, watching webinars, but were still lost at why nothing was working.

You don’t know, what you don’t know.


What I’ve found is that they didn’t know they needed to understand three very important things:
  • They needed to know how they were created to function to operate their business peace and ease.
  • Mindset work is a must for their foundation to stop self-sabotaging their lives and businesses.
  • You can’t create a successful business alone. Everyone needs support to help guide them.

How do I know all of this?
Because it was me and I’ve talked to countless women who were in the same trap!


When you work with me you’ll walk away with

Identifying and understanding who you innately are, learn how it impacts you in your business and life to discover how to maximize opportunities using your innate abilities.


Your mindset is your biggest workflow that you have and needs to be worked on. Then we can plan in detail your business workflow and operations that are authentic to you.


Putting strategies in motion to get business done with guidance, accountability & support.


I call it

Building our house 2015 0115



As a business coach my philosophy and beliefs are:
  • That you are the biggest part of our lives and businesses. If you don’t work on yourself you won’t succeed. People try to avoid this very work only to discover years later if they had done this first they would be further along.
  • You were created to be a solution or to create a solution to a problem, it’s up to you to discover what that is, and that you were given tools to do so. Your purpose is not as aloof as you think.
  • There are people who were created to be entrepreneurs and people who were meant to be employees. Both are needed. You are here because you want to fulfill your purpose as an entrepreneur and create your impact in the world.


You’re ready to go after your dreams
and I’m here to help you achieve them.


©Kourtney Coleman 2017 Capcana Sunrise




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On this hour call, I’ll ask the questions and you will share your story. You will see if you have clarity where you need it. If we are good fit, I’ll ask for your permission to share if I have anything that may serve you on your journey to fulfilling your purpose.


I don’t want you to go through over a decade of struggle (like I did) just to launch a successful business!


Click here to Apply for a Complimentary Clarity of Purpose Call worth $250 and let’s see where you are and if I am able to support you. (This is not a strategy or sales call)


Until next time,
Stay true to the real you
Kourtney Coleman