This is why having confidence in who you are is important to your business and what it has to do with #branding!

How clarity on who you are builds confidence in you and makes a consistent brand.

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Posted by Kourtney Coleman Inc. on Saturday, May 26, 2018

I shared a behind the scenes on Facebook about “This is why having confidence in who you are is important to your business and what it has to do with #branding!”

I talked about how for 14 years my business life has been about: Being true to you, making an impact, and building a successful business. My product and services have changed, but my purpose has remained the same.

Did I always know what my purpose looked like? Absolutely not! I did listen to the call that was coming from the depths of my soul and took action.

I share with you how my one brand story was finally created and how it has pivoted. However, you still see a consistency in my brand because I’m listening from within!

In the video, I take you on my journey of my ideal client for building my brand story from just the career woman who doesn’t like her job because she feels underpaid, undervalued, overworked, and not feeling respected. She wants more freedom, recognition, and more money. She knows her job isn’t aiding her in creating her impact, things won’t change at the J.O.B. and she knows she has to take matters into her own hands. Then I shared with you how I pivoted twice.

It’s not always about starting over in your business.

Stop thinking “starting over sucks”

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Not spoken about in the video, here are some additional things.

Doing my own self-development, accountability and paying attention I discovered I work with these women’s heart, soul, body, and mind. I could no longer ignore those other parts. I had to allow more of myself in my business. Why you ask because I felt like I was being held back and restricted in my business with how I served clients. Continuing to give more of myself allowed me to be more authentic. So I stopped denying my woo side (that was giving me the stare) and incorporated it into my business. I can’t tell you what a relief that was. Now everyone gets my #DataWoo, and I don’t have to hold anything back or feel awkward in my own business.

I was writing one night and looked at what everyone was saying and tada they were speaking about the confidence I had the confidence they wanted that. DING DING The tangible thing appears.


Confidence never crossed my mind because I overlooked that these women could have a confidence issue. You see, these women were already confident, but they wanted more. Just because we are confident in one area of our lives doesn’t mean that we are confident in every are. There were signs all around me, but now I read and follow the signs.

It was showing up because they weren’t solid in their decision making and they commented on how I was in mine. These ladies were commenting on how I had such conviction in who I was, yet they remained silent about themselves. They liked the fact that I wasn’t swayed by what others wanted, and focused on what was right for me. How I even showed up and owned my missteps, prices, services and they wished they had them.

Your business is about you! In order to fulfill your purpose, you have to know who you are and how you were created. You know my belief! “You were created to be a solution or to create a solution to a problem, it’s up to you to discover what that is, and that you were given tools to do so.”

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