I saw a post by one of my friend’s who is also a Military Brat and the things we’ve missed growing up.

I can understand feeling cheated out of living in the same neighborhood forever. Having the same people with you from elementary through high school.  The feeling of safety, stability, dependability of a tribe and foundation is packed well into that. Having that history is a treasure. (Traditionally)

We Army Brats have something too that binds us together. We may not always be the same identical person the entire time. BUT we cross paths multiple times in life. We honor each other for this journey we have endured and that just creates an understanding into a part of who we all are.

This is what we do have!

We identify with having to “Make it no matter what!

We understand what packing for a deployment looks like.

We know how to hug someone for dear life and scream in our heart, “don’t leave me, I’m sorry, I love you” and they still have to leave.

We understand the roller coaster of emotions from parents being deployed.

The taking parents for granted and then wishing, hoping and praying for their return to be flooded with gratitude and relief when they return.

We know what it’s like to live a life you have no control over and still be sane in the brain.

We know how to come together and support others.

When I see a movie of a homecoming I instantly get flashbacks and flooded with emotions and most of the time leave the room.

We know the smell of shoe polish, and what a good spit shine looks like. – Taking pride in your appearance.

We know how proud it feels to see our parents in a Class A uniform.

We can instantly bond knowing where we were in the morning when the To Reveille the Bugle Call plays & our location in the evening as it blows the Retreat to shut the base down! I hear the song in a movie or video and instantly but subconsciously pay attention.

We know how to treasure relationships because we don’t know how long they will last.

We know the sound of kids playing on the playground behind overseas housing.

We’ve experienced carrying laundry and groceries up flights of stairs and developed methods to do so.

We know to bend down when living in temporary housing overseas.

We have traveled more than most people will ever travel in their life.

Our Army is our neighborhood and we had the opportunity of a traveling hood! Even when you meet someone and they say they are a military brat, they are instantly cool and you know you have someone you can identify with!

We were chosen to experience more of the world in a different way! We are and will always be proud military brats! To this day I still ask or search for people whom we spent time together.

For all of you whom I have crossed paths with I thank you for being in my life because you became part of my story.

One of the reasons why I am as strong and resilient and versatile is because I’m an #ArmyBrat and to that I say Hooah!

kourtneybroadnax homecoming1

Happy Memorial Day to all of the active and retired Armed Forces Members and Families!

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