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It jumped right out at me, I was so glad I watched this video.
Marne Levine, Instagram’s COO on How To Find Your Voice – And Own It

You always hear me speak about your Innate Core Values and Abilities!
When I saw this video, I believe I spotted Marne’s right away when she started describing herself and how she performed.
According to Taylor Protocol’s we all have our preferred way of giving our contribution to the world. It’s what we do by default and on autopilot.

Marne knows that her Personal Power is an executor by nature, she get’s stuff done quickly. While also noting she needed to slow down and focus more on the upfront work before taking action. This is the classic description of what we call the Builder’s Contribution. They just need to know what needs to be done and they take off to go and do it!

marne levine-kourtney colemanWhat was great for Marne, was that she had leaders who spotted this, were able to help her see where there was room for improvement and supported her. With Marne’s personal power, she will always be happy in a position where she could take action and make things happen. If you put her in a job where she did not have the power to take action and make things happen, she would be miserable. Marne would end up hating her job. She would start to hate going to work. She would spend a lot of time thinking about what she would be doing outside of work instead of being focused and engaged. Does this sound familiar? Maybe not for you but for someone you know.

For this very reason, it’s important to know your Personal Power before applying for a job or going in for an interview. I would like you to consider that not being motivated to go to work or at work can be tied to not working in your Personal Power. Feeling like the most powerful piece of who you are, the very essence of you, your reason for existing isn’t allowed to operate or express itself is not a way to live. The feeling that what you have to offer isn’t valued or utilized on a daily basis can become a significant challenge when you spend the majority of your days there. You will begin to feel unfulfilled and frustrated, and nobody wants that or to feel that way! When you understand your Personal Power, you can identify situations that are the right opportunities for you that will allow you to shine at what you do naturally.

Well, how do you discover this Innate Ability of yours, your Personal Power? It’s simple; you just take the Core Values Index Assessment ™ (CVI Assessment™ ) by Taylor Protocols. It will measure your innate abilities in a 10-minute assessment. There is a short video that you will want to watch from your computer before taking the assessment. The CVI has a 97.7% retest rate (Per retesting as of Oct. 2017) to measure your innate abilities.

Click the link to take the assessment and get your complimentary partial report as well as connect with me on a Discovery Celebration Call that I hold twice a month!
On this call, I want to celebrate with you what you discover about your Personal Power.
I can’t wait to hear what you discovered!

Until Next time,
Stay true to the real you!
Kourtney Coleman
As a certified Taylor Protocols Practitioner, I help career women bring their Personal Power into the workplace in an authentic way.

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