Becoming a good listener has it’s own challenges. Add a person with the Builder Core Value™ and voila a bigger challenge!

Builders were created “to do”,
so they spend less time listening.

Once they have heard enough information to assess what needs to be done. They are ready to go and get the job DONE. They don’t like to rehash the problem repeatedly because it’s a waste of time in their opinion. According to the Builder, they could have had it fixed already, and everyone else is still chit-chatting.
Having this Core Value™ presents a bigger challenge as the listener because they have practically left the conversation mentally when they arrive at a solution. Now they are dealing with controlling themselves to sit and listen while the story goes on.

IT’S OKAY Builder! You can learn to calm the desire to solve the problem immediately; it will just take practice. You can start with these suggested things in this article. The No. 1 Communication Problem for Managers by Beth Miller. I’ve actually used some of these before and they are very helpful tips to make you a better listener.

Remember you were created to solve problems, so you have to resist the urge more than any other Core Values to escape the conversation. Here is my one way not mentioned in the article for Builder Core Values Person.

Understanding that you have the Builder Core Value™; You can be proactive in telling people when to invite you into the process to eliminate the frustration for you! The scenario would go something like this:
“Jane, we want to brainstorm about … possible solutions for … and wanted you to come.” Jane, the Builder, can respond, “Thanks for including me in the process, I appreciate it. I can be of a better use to you if you settle on 2 or 3 ideas and decide the outcome you want and I can get it done for you.” This scenario saved Jane, the Builder from the pain of sitting in a brainstorming situation that is more suited for an Innovator Core Value™. Plus allows her to work in her strength of getting things done! BUILDING TEAMWORK!
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Comment below what tips and tricks you use to help you listen better?