Top 10 Best Excuses Used to Avoid Assessments

As people we sometimes make excuses and those excuses keep us on the same treadmill of unhappiness. Yet, the excuses keep coming leading you to run into the invisible walls hindering you from going beyond the excuses that built them. People have many different views about assessments. Most likely because they have not sought help to utilize the information they obtained to apply to their everyday lives. The majority of the reasons are fear based to boot! Here are the TOP 10 Best excuses used to avoid assessments.

Top 10 Best Excuses
Used to avoid taking an Assessment

  1. They don’t work
  2. I don’t think it’s me
  3. It won’t tell me anything I don’t know
  4. I don’t understand it
  5. I don’t know how to apply it
  6. I’m not applying for a job
  7. It won’t help me
  8. It’s useless
  9. The tests don’t make any sense
  10. No test can tell me who I am

I won’t let some test or anybody put me into a box.

I would love for you to tweet me @KourtneyCMentor your excuse you have used in the past.
You see excuses are just lies that you tell yourself. If you want to maximize opportunities you will never be able to do that, being a person who makes and lives by excuses. When you become a person who wants to have more, do more and be more, you find a way to make it happen; not give excuses why it hasn’t happened.

Think about the time you accomplished something and could look back and say, “Wow, I can’t believe I told myself I couldn’t, wouldn’t or can’t” Wow, aren’t you glad you got out of your own way. Imagine the possibilities that can open up for you when you take an assessment and get the coaching to go with it to understand and apply your results to your everyday life. When you are ready to get off of the treadmill that takes you nowhere fast. Email me at to sign up to receive the Life before and after assessments to get your copy of the 7 Best Ways for you to use your assessment results. There is even a surprise for you the next day!