Assessments really are beneficial when you want to be intentional about what you do in and with your life.

Assessments give you information that you can apply in your relationships, careers, business and for your personal growth. If you want to be equipped to be on the offensive end of events instead of defense. Assessments would be a tool you could utilize to help you do just that. With the results from assessments, we are able to take the information and strategize how to utilize the information in your life starting NOW.


Here are some quick DO’S AND DONT’S concerning Personality Assessments

Things you DON’T want to do concerning assessments.

  1. Taking an assessment puts you in a box! Knowing your personality gives you the power to create and do what you may not have ever discovered.
  2. Put all of your eggs in one basket. Some personality tests are based on your current situations and emotional growth, while there are those that are based on your core values.
  3. Think you can’t use assessments to help you grow in your relationships and career.
  4. Think that just because you learn what your personality is, means you tell people. “This is just the way that I am and I’m not going to change, accept me for how I am!”
  5. Think you will get results that benefit you if you lie on the answers for the assessment.

Things you DO want to do concerning assessments.

  1. Discover what your personality type is. If you want to learn how to maximize your life intentionally, this is a great place to start.
  2. Take a variety of assessments to see your whole self, not just one view! After all you are created in a magnificent & complicated way!
  3. Take your findings from the assessments as gems to help you grow in your relationships and with your career.
  4. Understand the pros and cons of your personality to be able to change and grow yourself to empower yourself for better relationships!
  5. You need to be honest and vulnerable with yourself to get the best answers to plan and strategize with. If you lie, you will only be hurting yourself! The best way to help yourself is to answer quickly and honestly.

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