I remember how I didn’t know how I could do this one thing I couldn’t name.

It was an overwhelming feeling of information trying to burst out of me all at once without a warning. It was uncontrollable; it came when it wanted to, and I didn’t know what I did to make it happen to reproduce it. How in the world could I not have control of something so powerful to use it on a consistent basis and make a living from it.

Sounds like a lot of questions and mystery right? Utterly frustrating, for me. I just knew that when I connected with certain people sometimes. I would get what I would call a download. So I would warn people. “If I ever say to you get a pen and pad and start writing”! I would get so frustrated because I didn’t know what it was, why it happened, or how to turn it on! Why shouldn’t I have the ability to turn this on on-demand? I thought there is no way I can use this; it’s unreliable.

That was so frustrating to me,
until the day I took my CVI Assessment.

The CVI assessment results provided so much clarity and information for me about myself. It showed me what my natural Innate Core Values were, and everything started making sense. Once I understood that those values didn’t change, it was solid information I could build upon.

The results showed me:
• How I was created to function in the world.
• Why I think the way I think.
• What my contribution was to the world, I began to position myself in better environments and situations.
• I could even avoid from afar situations that were not conducive to who I was and how I operated.
• Knowing what sets me off. (good to know so I can avoid those situations)
• It’s helped me enrich my family relationships and my marriage.
• Professionally it helped me know what I would excel in doing.

Assessments don’t put you in a box; they free you because information is knowledge. Knowledge gives you the power to make decisions consciously that will change your world; my world is forever changed. If you would like to discover your Innate Core Values contact Kourtney at info@kourtneycoleman.com.