Have you ever been in a situation where you knew what to do but just couldn’t do it yourself? Being an entrepreneur means you simply can not do everything yourself. Needing a support team means you must prepare for other to efficiently help you.

I had a project I’m working on, and I needed some custom artwork created. I know I could have purchased artwork from a stock company. To look for “someone” (who was qualified to do the work) I put feelers out on Freelancer, Fiverr and even contacted college students at a design school. I wanted to make sure that I would obtain the rights to the created artwork, so I wanted to contract it out. I decided to go with a referral I received. I knew I would pay more, but the ability to get what I wanted the first time and build a relationship was more valuable to me. I wanted this to be right and for me to be satisfied after all this artwork is for my signature program. So you must stay tuned for the reveal!

To keep my costs at a minimum, I knew I had to give as much up-front information as possible. This would allow the artist to know what I desired as a final product. I took multiple images and made a detailed email with multiple images and a compilation image of what I wanted the finished product to look like. I communicated the nuances; the feel and the look I was going for with the artwork. Described how much detail I did and didn’t want in the artwork as well.


I know better not to do is start a project without my Non-Disclosure agreement and my Independent Contractor agreement with the amount stated up front for my budget.
Then I didn’t listen to my intuition when it was telling me to discuss the price. Needless to say, there was an issue. (I will have to address that in another post- Knowing what to do in your business and not doing it is costly!)

Now, the draft had already been completed, and I was staring at it.
I only needed to make minor changes.
I was very happy about the fact that I gave enough information to the artist to complete the project in the first round! To be able to communicate clearly what you are specifically looking for is golden when spending money on a project. Preparation reduces, time, costs, aggravation, and drama.

Have you ever wondered how to shorten the time it takes to complete a project?


• Get prepared before delegating. Preparation makes a great partner for productivity. It eliminates a lot of wasted time and resources.

• Take some time and observe what is obvious to you about the project before it handing off. What’s obvious to you needs to be clearly explained to your team.

• Don’t assume that the other team members or contractors will know what you are talking about or that they know what you want. (I always say I’m not a mind-reader, and I’m not taking the class) They only know what you tell them.

• Talk terms, responsibilities, roles, licensing, time frame and budget for the project up front.

• Communicate in word and pictures to give a well-rounded idea of what your expectation is for the finished project. You won’t regret it!