How do you build something and not even know you are doing it?

From where I stand today, I can look back over my life and see just how I built my life around one common thread and didn’t realize it. I have contributed many ways in my life, but each way had at the root of them the same core desire that I was trying to fulfill subconsciously.  I have had three different MLM businesses, I was a professional photographer, a graphic designer, I had a publishing company, author, mentored women and young ladies for years, speaker and I am a strategist!

No matter what I was doing, I always wanted to get to the core of the woman who was working with me! This was my thread that after time wove with other threads of the same kind to create my chord that I was building my life around. However, I had the extra products to establish a relationship with someone.

My inner focus was empowering the woman
and helping her to make intentional,
conscious decisions to increase her life!

I always wanted her to see what was on the inside of her and the potential locked up on the inside waiting to be free. She was beautifully created and everything God needed her to be from the inside out, but didn’t know it or didn’t know what do with it. I longed for these women to see how magnificently they were created with purpose and to act on the opportunities to contribute to the world her gifts.

I believed she could build the life
she always wanted to build.

I remember the time when I was fed up with trying to establish a relationship between the external products and services.

I just wanted to help the women;
I just needed to build a business using me
because I was good enough!

That is why today I am a strategist that helps women discover their Innate Core Values™ which reveals to them how they were created to show up in the world and what they were made to contribute and share with us! Watching a woman blossom into the very person she was created to be and function as she was made to warms my soul. I love equipping women and strategizing how to use this information for her to maximize every opportunity she comes across to live a fulfilling life is amazing. She too understands the overflow of emotions I feel for her when she experiences data equipping her to be prepared for the time when purpose meets opportunity creating fulfillment. So every time I work with a woman I am fulfilling my purpose!

If you want to learn how to increase your performance to stop getting passed over and maximize your impact, please email Kourtney at
You too, have threads that you are building your life around. If you feel drawn to a higher place of contribution, pushed to a new level of action to create a more fulfilling life; then I would love to talk to you.

I love that I have found my “place” (purpose in action)! I’m confident in my business because, my business that matches who I am, how I desire to operate, what I believe in and tools that are solid to build upon. I don’t compromise and don’t have to; I am finally at peace, and I LOVE IT. It’s allowing me to function with ease and confidence making my contribution to the world. I’m glad I could identify the desire inside of me screaming to get out. Recognize that there was more for me to do and willing to put the work in to fulfill it! It’s a great feeling everyone should experience.

Leave a comment for me below. If you look back over your life what one common thing would you discover? How could you take that and use that in your life today?