Hiring to make your company profits is possible

I came across an article that said to “Focus on Employability not Retention” by Chris Roberts that caught my eye. I totally agree with him when he said, “Focusing on employability will only help build better employees, more productive workplaces, and stronger cultures for today’s organizations.”

My reason for agreeing is because I work with an assessment called the Core Values Index™ (CVI™) from Taylor Protocols™, and it helps businesses identify those applicants who will have the right energies and values to perform a particular job task or position at peak performance. The data is based on your Innate Core Values Nature™ that you were given when you were born. Your Core Values Nature™ is not something that changes, but stays with you, so this is not temperamental information. The data from the assessment is real, backed by science with a 94% retest score; this is your true self! It’s how you were created to show up in the world.

Acquiring these services as a
business owner or manager means that you can:

• Know this data up front will help lower their turnover rates,
which we know is costly.
• Increase the sales of the company
• Place the right people in the right positions by hiring more
A & B performers from the beginning.
• Provide data for existing employees to shift to a new position.
Taking them from C & D employees to Top Performers.
• Raise the productivity level of the workers
• Grow the amount of happy and fulfilled employees who like their jobs
• Maximize the potential & efficiency of the company
• Increase the profits of the company

All of this will ultimately strengthen the company literally from the owner through the employees to the dollars they make.

I’ve taken multiple assessments and loved the findings to where I use them in my business. However, the Core Values Index™ won me over. There are multiple options a business owner or manager can consider.

You may want to experience this for yourself before presenting it to your team so that you have a good understanding of the data and process. You can sign up here to get started or get more information here at http://www.KourtneyColeman.com. For the company, there are multiple options: A Human Capital Audit™, Executive Team Profile™ or a hiring employees using the Top Performer Profile™ to help your company meet and exceed its goals.

One thing business owners and managers deal with are employees that don’t like their job slowing down the productivity of the company. The Core Values Index™ (CVI™) became a tool to help reduce the effects of that problem. If you could lower the amount of unhappy employees you employ, would you? Hiring the right people to make your company profits is possible. Hiring the right people to make your company profits is possible. I would love to hear from you; you can email me at info@KourtneyColeman.com