As an entrepreneur, we can learn from the experiences we have with others.

I want to share a short story of an event that happened. I took someone to a store where I have shopped before. I explained how the shop worked and gave them space to shop in the small back room. When they finished, I asked the clerk to help me with a purchase. I asked her a question, and she gave a brief explanation.

She saw what she thought was an opportunity to tell me about a new business adventure that she thought would be good for me. Well, Let me correct that. Introduce, explain, explain, explain, explain, explain, explain, extend the invitation to an event about something she wanted me to know about. While I received the information I requested and the help I wanted, her continued talk about what she wanted me to do was a turn-off. Here I am ready to purchase in the store and bombarded with another non-relevant business, in which I had no interest. I explained I had no interest, yet she persisted on telling me how I could benefit from this business adventure. I explained my reasons for not wanting to become involved and yet that still was not good enough. I explained again. So I get it you aren’t listening to me!

Lessons learned


I understand about overcoming objections.
(pray I have never done this to anyone)

LISTEN to the words that are coming out of your client or potential client’s mouth. They mean something.

Listen to what they are saying. It’s about what you want. Think to yourself who am I in business to serve, them or me?
Listen to what they tell you that they want you to help them with and help them.
Give a solution that solves their problem or fulfills their request.
IF, there is anything you care to mention not related to that sale; WAIT until after the sale and gently see if there is any interest.
Then “Do what you like, with what you like, talk how you like, say what you like” (Digital Underground – Doowutchyalike) NOT REALLY. (I just couldn’t resist the song that popped into my head.)


This could be the landmine you walk on daily as you talk to potential clients that are running new customers away.

Hopefully, they still come in and purchase what they initially came in for before you stepped foot on the landmine.You don’t want your clients to be distracted, feel intruded upon, or pinned down when they are looking to purchase from you. Stay out of the landmine of pushy sales with non-relevant offers when talking to potential clients and buyers. For goodness sakes!

“If you kiss me, then I’ll kiss you back.
Now I’m hopin’ that you hear me
’cause I love it when you’re near me
and I’m tellin’ you sincerely
that if you kiss me girl I’ll kiss you back
’cause I really really really like you
and I just want to make it clear
we’re gonna keep it fair and square
kiss me and I’ll kiss you back”
(Digital Ground – Kiss you back)