One evening I sat down to work in my office. Determined to get my work done, I have goals to reach. Hours later I found myself into an entirely new project that was not part of my plan for the night. I was distracted by a new webinar that would teach me a skill that I felt I just had to have to reach my goal. The other day it was an opt-in I signed up for, a new cheat sheet to help me know how to use a social media platform. The day before that it was signing up for a challenge to help me learn how to show up online. By the end of the week, I had worked my butt off building other people’s businesses, either by purchasing a product, getting on their list, or promoting their business. Did you see anywhere, where I stated that I had completed to do what I sat down to do? Has this ever happened to you?

I was experiencing
Shiny Object Syndrome

Simply put, if you have ever been distracted from what you should be doing by a new object, offer or idea that captured your attention and deterred you away from what you should shave been focused on and accomplished; you may have been bitten by the Shiny Object Syndrome (S.O.S.) bug!

Does any of this sound familiar?
You sit down to work and found yourself learning something that wasn’t your focus minutes, hours or days later? Then discovering you have signed up for so many things, that you have not learned anything new.

Have you gotten tangled up in supporting someone else’s dream more than your own? You cannot accomplish your goals because you are running around doing things you have signed up for in the name of “learning just this one more thing to help you…!” Have you even tried to be clever and think. “I’ll sign up for this series, a multiple day or week challenge, and let all the material pile up to do it in a quicker fashion when I’m ready?” Just to not do it at all because you have been distracted by another shiny object you signed up for that would help you solve a problem? (S.O.S. kind of sounds like an addition problem, well in a way it is.) Let me tell you, not all shiny objects are free either, some are paid courses. You may also have a slew of tabs of bookmarks, or loaded your Pocket with piles of articles to read. You still never focused to be able to work on your goals.

Who is prone to suffering
from Shiny Object Syndrome?

Anyone can be bitten by or suffer from a severe case. There is a particular group of people who are prone to catching it over others. These are goal oriented individuals who are actively pursuing their goals. Inside this group, there is the high value or a personality trait of “needing to know more information, or doing research”.

How do you come in contact with these offers that distract you? They are online, social media platforms, newsletters, television, recommendations conferences and even trying to imitate what others are doing.

How can you treat the S.O.S.
condition and stay focused?

My advice would be to do the following:
• Make a commitment not to sign up for anything. Partner with someone. Tell them the issue and be accountable. Your goal is dependent on this. You are capable with the right tools to accomplish your goals. To do so, you need to focus on what’s fitting for you and your goals without overwhelming or distracting yourself from your goal. Outline a plan of action and commit to it. Follow the plan by putting your blinders on.

• To do so, you need to focus on what’s fitting for you and your goals without overwhelming or distracting yourself from your goal
• Strategize a plan of action
• Commit to your plan
• Put your blinders on
• Implement the plan
• Put your blinders on, what does this mean?
Before you go online remind yourself of the commitment to not sign-up for anything. Go online with a purpose and stay focused on it.
When you catch yourself doing it, stop it.

I am actually doing this as we speak in order to reach and exceed my goals.

If you have a business, I suggest you use a social media manager. I use (if you use my affiliate link and this code KC1263 you can TRY IT FREE FOR ONE MONTH). I use it to post my social media posts on different platforms. Check for interactions, mention, and responds on all of my platforms. This helps to keep me stay focused on my goals, purposeful about my social media activity, productive in my business.
When I am away from the office and on my phone. I make the commitment and set time. I make the conscious choice of not signing up and staying focused.

You can even be lost in watching the days of the good free content of the live on-air social media platforms like Periscope or Blab. You can gorge out and be off track for hours. Filling yourself with information, introducing yourself to things are are not helping you to accomplish your goals, no matter how it comes is not good for your attaining your goals. Set some limitations for yourself. (You can only watch for a specific amount of time, set the time frame to watch, or watch a particular broadcast).

How do you avoid suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome?

Practice staying focused on your goals, use the tips I mentioned in the article.
Hire a coach or mentor to help you accomplish your goals.
Listen to whom you hire, do the work they give you and follow your program with a focused intent. Don’t be distracted by too many voices at once. Too many voices and too much material will make you paralyzed, distracted and unproductive.

Learn the tools you already have! Starting with yourself, what Innate Core Values Nature™ do you have that you need to discover to accomplish your goals faster? When you know this information, you can work more efficiently and be more productive increasing your performance.

Make your efforts count • work smarter • use your time efficiently • become more productive • achieve success faster  • feel more accomplished • Because you are!

You do not want to look around at the end of the year and see you were unproductive, your performance went down, and find you have not accomplished your goals because you were suffering from the Shiny Object Syndrome. You want to know that you are enough and just need to learn how to use your gifts and talents.

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