How to grow
your connections, skills, and business. 

In your journey of being a new or aspiring entrepreneur, you will learn a lot from multiple sources. Sometimes the sources are not the resources you immediately knew that would be helpful to you and your business. Relationships are crucial in running a business and sometimes your gut feeling is saying that you like another business person, but you are not sure how you can use their services. I want to encourage you to stay around, keep the lines of communication open, have a seat, get something to drink and chill. You will soon find out why. I wrote a little story about it, want the read it, here we go!


I have found Periscope™ to be one of my best medias for growing my business by increasing my following, and building my Know, Like, and Trust factor. On Periscope™ I found Mrs. Akilah of Online Boutique Source. While I do not have a boutique, I liked her personality, there was something about her. She helps women set up their stores to sell online. (she does remind me of one of my aunts) I found her scopes beneficial and the information easy to understand, with steps I could implement whenever I could catch her scopes. This past week, Akilah gave a Crash SEO Course every night for an hour on Periscope™. I had limited knowledge about SEO, I knew it was a monster I had to tame being an entrepreneur. She taught it where I could understand, not be overwhelmed by the information, gave examples and step by step instructions that I could implement immediately. Now I have a dependable resource that will have a specific function and purpose in my business. (helping me keep the SEO monster tamed) So if you have no idea what SEO is, how to do it yourself and need a trustworthy resource, Akilah of Online Boutique Source is your lady! You can find her on Facebook Here at the Online Boutique Source Group.


This experience showed me a few things:
• Proves the power of listening to your intuition concerning your connections to people for your business.
• Once again shows the power of Periscope™.
Having a coach or mentor you can receive & learn from in the weak areas of your business will help you to overcome obstacle faster.
• Learning the power of SEO has even sparked me to write again because now I understand its purpose in my business.

Listening to your intuition as a new entrepreneur is critical to your success. You will learn that you can not grow your business by yourself. You need help to expand your business faster with fewer mistakes, heartbreak and to start making your impact and make money faster! You can click here to Apply for a consultation with me. There will be tons of offers, opt-ins, specials, etc… just waiting for you to notice, saying Pick Me! However, you must listen and trust your intuition to learn what is right and best for you and your business.

You can contact Akilah for the SEO Buddy here if you would like sign up for her Boutiquer’s Success Vault where the videos will be stored.