5 essential business lessons
entrepreneurs need to know
from this Kazbrella Kickstarter infomercial.

Do what you were created to do. Become who you were created to become! WHY? The world is waiting on you, your service and your invention. You were given a dream, and a talent to share with the world. Not fulfilling your purpose keeps others from benefiting what’s on the inside of you!

I want to show you a video from Kasbrella I saw posted on social media. I was intrigued by a comment I saw someone make and began to watch the video below.

Challenge what you have seen, when you have something calling from the inside to otherwise.
Do not be afraid to do your thing!


I saw an entrepreneur who wasn’t afraid to be an innovator, yes he is an engineer. Engineers desire to make things better and that was his mission. Someone who knew what his gift was and confident in his gift. He had a burning desire to not quit until he saw it through. The object of the affection ended up being an umbrella.

As an entrepreneur, you will need this burning desire not only at the dreaming stage, but for the rest of the journey! The WHY for the entrepreneur is key to keep going in their business. They are in it for the long hall, they know this is not a quick fix. Endurance is required.

it will keep you moving forward to completion and success


He saw a problem that has been around for ages and nobody has come out with a solution the way he wanted to solve the problem. Let me name some ways I’ve seen the problem addressed. I have all seen the bags at the stores to put our umbrellas in. I’ve been greeted by staff at the door of a store on a rainy day to say, “watch your step”. I’ve even seen them mopping the floor. Oh and in a more intimate location, the umbrella or magazine stands to hold the wet umbrellas by the door.

or there will be no product or business

Don’t be afraid to make a decision and stick with it. Later you can add more to your business.


This infomercial made me identify with the scenario. The video brought to life all of my pain points from getting wet when trying to stay dry. It made me think of even more reasons than they presented as to why I would need the product. I’ve had our papers and my purse wet from a dripping umbrella. Hitting my head trying to get in and out of a car with an umbrella. Getting my hair wet when I spent so much time trying to keep it dry under the umbrella. Wetting my floors and shoes once inside of a building. Let’s not forget having to leave my umbrella at the entrance of a store so I wouldn’t make a mess and worrying the entire time while shopping if someone took off with my umbrella. What’s my point?

of their potential clients

Would I say that his potential clients are everyone? NO, actually I wouldn’t. Why you ask? There are people who work from home and have no need to leave the house. Some people don’t live where it rains a lot. A rain storm here or there can be avoided or they just might not mind a few drops.


Now this problem he wanted to solve didn’t just get solved in a month, 6 months, or even a year. This took years. Let me say that again! THIS TOOK SOME TIME to develop to get to the point of crowdfunding.

There were many failed designs to get to the final design presented to the market.

Why is this important for me to point out? Because in your journey of being an entrepreneur. There most likely will not be a wake-up and glorified overnight sensation. (I’ve heard it’s actually 10 years) There were numerous mistakes and failures! All of that is what lead him to this point.

It’s okay, a learning experience!
Try and try again.


Although he doesn’t have to product out on the market yet, he has done all of these steps to get you to buy in! Even before the product is produced! This is a great lesson for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s unavoidable in business!

No matter what great story you may have been told. You can not get around the exchange of money for goods and services. That is what makes a business a business and an entrepreneur a successful entrepreneur. There is nothing to be ashamed of, or shy about it. You as an entrepreneur are in the business of meeting the need and being compensated with cash. A clear exchange!

Let’s talk about it! This is why I love helping entrepreneurs do their thing! This makes me so excited! If you are a new and aspiring entrepreneur I would love to know if this has encouraged you to be bold and do your thing! Write me a note in the comments below.