I help career women who feel this way about starting their business over
or taking their business to a new level.

As a result of working with me,
clients become confident in who they are to build an authentic and successful
online business that is aligned with their purpose.



I focus on helping you in 3 ways:


I call it



What I’ve found is that women were hitting their glass ceiling at their corporate jobs.
They wanted more income, freedom, fulfillment, and recognition, so they started a business.
The problem was they ended up starting a business with no support and that was not in alignment with who they are, so it failed.


Women want to create a successful business
that feels good and where they are not scared to be themselves.
The problem is your lack of confidence.


You know who your career, family, and friends need you to be and you’ve been that for them.
The problem is you don’t know who you are and how you need to be for your business.

You want a successful business but
you are being a copycat with no clear understanding of what it takes and the direction for your own business.
You want to be free to be you but
you aren’t sure it’s okay, you think your business will suffer if you just “be true to the real you”.

You were created for a purpose but
trying to be someone else
or build their business as your own.

I used to lack confidence in my abilities, scared of what that might look like and didn’t have clarity on how they played a part in my business. So I didn’t show up as who I fully am and my business suffered because of it.
I’ve been where you are!
I’ve tried to build a business being “safe” and it didn’t feel right doing it, it was my lack of confidence in who I was created to be and my contribution to the world.  After I realized it was me standing in my own way & preventing my own success, I discovered who I was and how it all played a part in my business so that now I can build a fully authentic successful business.


Here is how you can work with me. Apply for a Next Level Clarity Call.
Complete the application process. Get clarity on where you are in your business on the call. Then take action on your next steps.


I operate out of integrity and respect.
I have a Can-Can Promise

I promise you will get clarity on your call.
I will tell you the truth in love.
If I can help you, I will ask if I can offer you a solution.
If I do not have a solution for you, I can see if I have a resource for you.
I will be honest, and spirit led to help you make your impact.


If you are ready to get some clarity
Apply for a Next Level Clarity Call




 The best part about being an entrepreneur is getting the freedom to live out your purpose, make an impact how you feel lead, and have the opportunity to create your income. The worst part about being an entrepreneur was all of the previously mentioned with trying to do it all alone. Now add on not having a clear understanding of how I operated piled on top of not understanding that I was in my own way, preventing me from having the success I was looking to achieve. It was a sure recipe for unnecessary overwhelm, and prolonged success. For this very reason, I use different modalities to assist women today in building a business that is authentic to them.


I work with spiritually connected, self-aware,
mission-driven, purpose seeking, high achieving career women.
These women are decision makers and action takers.


You become confident in your business because I help you to achieve:


To get clarity on who you are and how YOU fit into your business creating confidence to maximize opportunities and grow your authentically successful business.


Develop and discover authentic strategies and workflows that work for you to build your business with peace, ease and flow. Our first way to start strategizing is to understand your mindset.


Create your business by supporting you through the implementation of strategies and processes with guidance and accountability while growing your business.

 •  •  •  •  •  •  •

I help you to avoid being 5-10 years down the road and saying that you wish you had known and done this earlier, you would be so much further along.

You will learn how to avoid struggling to build your business because of your lack of confidence and fighting against who you are and how you naturally do things.

I help you to stop being tossed around by every idea because you aren’t sure of yourself.

Go from feeling like you are scared
building your “safe” business and feeling scared to be yourself in your own business.
To building a successful business that’s authentic to you
where you feel powerful and fulfill your purpose.
If you are the entrepreneur who has decided to give it another go at her business or you are up-leveling your business and you are looking to get more confidence and clarity on how to create a business that’s more authentic to you.


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