Helping career women like you to transition into successful entrepreneurs
by creating an online or small business that’s authentic to you.



I focus on helping you in 3 ways:


I call it





What I’ve found is that women were hitting their glass ceiling at their corporate jobs.
They wanted more income, freedom, fulfillment, and recognition, so they started a business.
The problem was they ended up starting a business with no support and that was not in alignment with who they are, so it failed.


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Hi, I’m Kourtney Coleman a Taylor Protocol Certified Practitioner, Intuitive Business Coach, Speaker, and CEO of Kourtney Coleman Inc.
I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 14 years, I’ve had multiple business adventures and speaking opportunities. The best part about being an entrepreneur is getting the freedom to live out your purpose, make an impact how you feel lead, and have the opportunity to create your income. The worst part about being an entrepreneur was all of the previously mentioned with trying to do it all alone. Now add on not having a clear understanding of how I operated piled on top of not understanding that I was in my own way, preventing me from having the success I was looking to achieve. It was a sure recipe for unnecessary overwhelm, and prolonged success. For this very reason, I use different modalities to assist women today in building a business that is authentic to them.


I work with spiritually connected, self-aware,
mission-driven, purpose seeking, high achieving career women.
These women are decision makers and action takers.


I help you to achieve:


Identifying and understanding who you innately are, learn how it impacts you in your business and life to discover how to maximize opportunities using your innate abilities.


Your mindset your biggest workflow that you have and needs to be worked on. Then we can plan in detail your business workflow and operations that are authentic to you.


Putting strategies in motion to get business done with guidance, accountability & support.

If you are the career woman looking to explore entrepreneurship, you’ve already dipped your toes in, or you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, and you are looking to get more clarity on how to create a business that’s more authentic to you.


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